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Training Checklist

With so many different options available, it’s important for you to select the training provider that matches your needs, and helps you achieve your goals. To help you choose the best training provider, here are some important points to consider:

What To Look For

  • Course Content
  • Course Structure
  • Prerequisites
  • Pre-Assessments
  • Assessments

Keybase Solutions

  • Modular NQF & Customised Courses
  • Hands-On Instructor and Facilitation based Training
  • Blended Learning
  • Set Prerequisites Ensure Course Suitability
  • Current Skill Assessments Inform Course Levels
  • Qualified Assessors Evaluate Training Success

Our variety of available courses, and our flexibility in creating custom courses makes it easy for learners to obtain the skills they need for their specific workplace or field.

Training Schedules and Dates

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Budget and Time Constraints

What To Look For

  • Pricing Options
  • Course Schedule
  • Flexible Courses

Keybase Solutions

  • Daily Rates, Block Discounts & Corporate Contracts
  • Daily Courses. 3 Month Timetable for Scheduling
  • Saturday Training Available On Request

At Keybase, we’re committed to making it easy and affordable for businesses to invest in their staff, and for individuals to invest in themselves.

What To Look For

  • Post Course Assistance
  • On-Site Assistance

Keybase Solutions

  • Free Post-Course Telephonic & Email Support
  • On-Site Support: Daily & Hourly Rates apply

At Keybase, our involvement doesn’t stop when your course is over. We provide indefinite telephonic and email support to learners, as well as on-site assistance at hourly or daily rates.