Keybase Training Solutions offers training in a variety of areas

from soft skill leadership and management training courses, to Microsoft and PC courses.

We have distinguished ourselves from other training providers by integrating the following features, benefits and support services for our clients into our holistic offering. Read through some of our FAQs for more insight into what we can offer you.


Our Assessors are available either at Keybase, or on-site to carry out assessments. Our team will actively engage with the industry to recognize the type of training required and will customize courses to meet those needs. On-Site Assistance For an hourly or daily rate, we provide a facilitator to be on-site for evaluation and assistance with work related to the courses that learners have completed.

On-Site & Off-Site Training

All of our courses are available as on-site training sessions presented at the client’s own offices, or at Keybase training venue, located at Keybase House, 30 Klein Street, Lakefield, Benoni, or an alternative suitable training venue. Business hours will be from 08:00 – 16:30 Monday to Friday.  
Fees are dependent on the number of candidates, whether the training is on-site or off-site, as well as the duration of the training programme.

Post-Course Support

At Keybase, we offer comprehensive post-course support for all learners. This includes indefinite free telephonic and e-mail assistance for learners once their course has been completed, as well as on-site assistance to learners where required.

Client After Sales Service

  • Support of learners throughout the learning programme.
  • Following up on learners in assigned tasks.
  • Supporting and assisting learners with shortfalls.
  • Assisting with competency.

Training Features:

  • Customised training interventions to meet the needs of clients.
  • Accredited training material.
Experienced subject matter experts in delivering the training material.

The Benefits of Keybase Training Courses include:

  • Providing the learner with a Certificate of Competence.
  • Creating a positive self-image of oneself.
  • Improving skills and knowledge in the workplace.
  • Increasing your chance for a promotion.
  • Opportunities to move into senior management positions.
Improved skills makes the learner more marketable.

Keybase provides a variety of computer and soft skill course options designed to suit the different needs of our clients:

Standard Computer Courses

The standard computer courses are modular based, and run for one, two or three days, depending on the course and the level of skill which the learner wishes to attain. Modular courses are MICT SETA accredited and in line with the applicable NQF levels.

Customised & Executive Courses

These courses can be tailored to the specific needs of an individual and group, and are offered at the Keybase training facilities, The Birchwood, or on-site at client premises.

Soft Skill Courses & Workshops

These are provided at two levels – skills enhancement and accredited with the Services SETA and the ETDP SETA.

Refresher Computer Courses

Designed for the self-taught learner, these refresher courses serve to bridge existing knowledge gaps prior to attending advanced courses. These one day refresher courses are also ideal for people moving from an earlier version of a software package to a newer version. In these cases, the course will focus on the new features and benefits of the updated software version, making the transition easy and effective.