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We’re turning 30 this year, as part of our celebration and way of thanking our loyal clients for their ongoing support, we will not be increasing our fees in 2020


Our PC training courses range from basic introduction courses to advanced Microsoft Office courses. Our Soft Skills training courses cover a variety of personal and professional growth areas.

PC Training Courses

Soft Skills Training


Microsoft products, whether operating systems or application software such as MS Office, are among the most popular and prevalent software applications in the world.

In order to succeed in the modern office environment, it’s essential to have at least a basic understanding of a range of Microsoft products, and Keybase Training Solutions facilitates this need by providing a range of Microsoft training courses, from basic and intermediate levels to advanced levels. Bridging workshops are also available for most software courses, allowing learners to quickly fill in knowledge gaps in preparation for more advanced courses.

Basic Microsoft Training

Basic Microsoft courses include an introduction to the Windows operating system, basic Excel, Word, PowerPoint Outlook and Microsoft Access courses.

Intermediate Microsoft Training

Building on the foundation of the basic Microsoft courses, we also offer intermediate courses for MS Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access and Outlook, as well as an intermediate Microsoft Project course.

Advanced Microsoft Training

Our advanced Microsoft courses are designed to assist learners familiar with the various programs to become ‘power users’ and get the most out of the software they use. We offer advanced Excel courses, as well as advanced courses in Word, Access, PowerPoint and Microsoft Project.

In addition, we offer supplementary workshops that focus on specific aspects of these software applications, such as Excel pivot table workshops and Word mail merge workshops.

Free Pre-Training Assessments

If you’re planning on attending some of our wide range of training courses, then an important place to start is to ensure that learners are attending the right course for their current level of skill and knowledge.

To help you make sure that you, or your staff, are going to get the most out of their training courses, Keybase offers a free pre-assessment that enables us to determine the existing level of the attendees.

To make sure that you’ll be attending the right course, complete the fundamental skills assessment, and the assessment related to the course you’re interested in attending, and return them to us for our recommendations on the correct level of course for you.

Blended Learning Solutions

Our e-Learning package includes:

  • All training materials installed on a Tablet with keyboard and mouse or on your PC, any other supportive material as required, including Assessments tools.
  • Online testing to monitor progress
  • Interactive material which includes demonstrations, videos, voice over and examples
  • Videos & additional references
  • An online forum to interact with other learners and the Facilitator.
  • A facility to complete and upload electronic portfolio of evidence for assessment and moderation.

Blended Learning Solutions

For our corporate clients our blended classroom and online bulk training offers:

  • Pre-training assessment of customization required.
  • Method of transfer of skill – online only or blended online and facilitator contact day.
  • Post Assessment reports.