Training Courses


Our Computer training courses range from basic introduction courses to advanced Microsoft Office courses. Our Soft Skills training courses cover a variety of personal and professional growth areas.


Microsoft products, whether operating systems or application software such as MS Office, are among the most popular and prevalent software applications in the world.

In order to succeed in the modern office environment, it’s essential to have a basic understanding computer applications.  Keybase Training Solutions facilitates this need by providing a range of Microsoft training courses, from basic and intermediate to advanced levels. Refresher workshops are also available, allowing delegates to fill knowledge gaps in preparation for more advanced courses.

Basic Microsoft Training

Basic Microsoft courses include an introduction to the PC and Windows operating system, basic Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access and Project courses.

Intermediate Microsoft Training

Building on the foundation of the basic Microsoft courses, we also offer intermediate courses for Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access and Project.

Advanced Microsoft Training

Our advanced Microsoft courses are designed to assist delegates who are already familiar with the various programs and experienced to an intermediate skill level to become advanced or expert users.  We offer a range of advanced Excel courses which are focus-based on various skill sets: Level 3 – Data Management, Level 4 – Advanced Formulas and Functions, Level 5 – PivotTable and Dashboard Reporting, as well as advanced courses in Word, Access, PowerPoint and Microsoft Project.

In addition, we offer customised workshops that focus on specific requirements as requested by our clients.  The duration and content are designed to meet expected outcomes.

Free Pre-Training Assessments

To help you make sure that you, or your staff, are going to get the most out of their training, Keybase offers free pre-assessment tools to determine the existing skill level of the delegates.

To make sure that you’ll be attending the right course, complete the fundamental skills assessment, and the assessment related to the course you’re interested in attending, and return them to us for our recommendations on the correct level of course for you.

Virtual Live Learning Solutions

We offer our classroom training courses live online using MS Teams.  The hands-on personal attention remains the same as in our classroom, so delegates are guaranteed to complete their course with the same level of competence and ability.  Although this option is not the preferred option, as delegates do benefit more from the classroom, this is an essential part of our strategy to ensure that training is not disrupted or that delegates do not have courses cancelled due to Covid-19 restrictions.