Upskill Yourself this Spring with Short Courses

No matter what stage of your career you are in, continuous learning and development is key to your success. Companies are constantly looking at ways to increase productivity. You are their most valuable asset, so make sure that you are working to your full potential.

Make September Your New Start

Spring is the perfect time to embrace the concept of starting fresh. Use the remaining months of 2019 to upskill yourself with our short training courses and return to work in 2020 with an added boost of confidence and renewed energy.

Our wide range of training solutions are designed to maximize your growth and help you to reach your full potential. Our PC training courses range from basic introduction courses to advanced Microsoft Office courses. Our Soft Skills training courses cover a variety of personal and professional growth areas. Depending on the course type and level, they take place over 1 to 4 days, and a certificate of accomplishment is awarded on the completion of each course.

Why Choose Keybase?

Our full-time trainers are qualified Facilitators and Assessors, SETA accredited Moderators and Assessors, or Microsoft Specialists in various applications as applicable to their role in our training courses.

Our upmarket facilities are easily accessible, and small classes ensure personalised attention.

Give Yourself a Headstart into 2020

Take a look at our upcoming training courses for the rest of 2019 and reserve your seat now:

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