Motivate Your Team

Companies Don’t Succeed, People Do.

Motivate Your Team

The only way to build a team is to highlight the component that every member brings.

The best way to guide your team to success is to respect, trust and invest in each team member. Discover the strength of your team. Learn how to create a clear path to success with an efficient and collaborative team.This course is filled with team-building tips to begin your shared success and engage with your team members to create an environment that promotes and promises success!

Who should attend this Course?

If you work with teams, or if you are a manager, leader, team leader, supervisor, foreman or project manager, this course will be ideal for you.

What will you learn on this Course?

  • How and why to motivate and build a cohesive a team
  • How to apply theories of motivation and identify group dynamics
  • ¬†Implement a plan of action to strengthen a team
  • Recognise the importance of providing effective feedback and achievements

Course Information

Date: 13 & 14 March
Cost: R4700 excl. VAT – Group discounts apply
NQF Level: 04, 10 Credits
Prerequisites: Written and verbal communication skills – English – NQF level 3

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