Keybase Short Course

Our short courses are time and cost saving, and may just be the up-skilling answer you’re looking for.


Coaching and Mentoring

Supporting the development of individuals and teams in your organisation is vital. Why not enhance your coaching and mentoring skills with this two-day course, designed to give you an understanding of the nature and benefits of workplace coaching. You’ll learn ways to facilitate a learning relationship while you gain the skills to implement, monitor and review coaching and mentoring programs.

28 February & 1 March

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Presenting Skills

This course will allow delegates to build on their presenting skills; use PowerPoint to create better presentations; enjoy making them and teach delegates how to present successfully.

28 February & 1 March

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Conflict Resolution

We engage in negotiations every day through our interactions with colleagues, clients or suppliers.

Conflict and disagreements are a natural and inevitable part of life. With careful, thoughtful self-preparation, and by following the negotiation process outlined in this course, you will be equipped to resolve conflict and achieve constructive outcomes.

5 & 6 March

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Report Writing Skills

In today’s world a number of important decisions are made on the strength of reports. This 2 day course teaches delegates how to write & compile professional business reports.

7 & 8 March

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Team Building and Management

This course provides essential tools for team managers and leaders. It focuses on group dynamics and creating the environment for high performance teams, effective decision-making; and successful delegation. Cultivate maximum team productivity, and unlock your leadership skills.

13 & 14 March

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Facilitation Workshop (Train the Trainer)

Our Train the Trainer course is intended for individuals who need to effectively deliver training courses regardless of the topic. The course will provide practical skills required to plan and deliver more effective training sessions in order to ensure that quality learning is achieved.

13 – 16 March

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Professionalism in the Workplace

Content covered includes workplace expectations and acceptable behaviors: appropriate business dress and grooming, verbal communication, telephone skills, time management, and general professional deportment. This course will equip office professionals with skills they need to make their job easier and more fulfilling.

19 & 20 March

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