Keybase Hosts Work Readiness Workshop

Keybase hosted a very special Work Readiness Course, sponsored by an extremely generous, long-standing client of ours.

A group of learners got to attend a full day accredited course with us, and were taught a range of skills in our Work Readiness Course that included:

  • How to behave in a professional manner in the workplace
  • The importance of a positive attitude
  • Communication
  • Prioritising and organising your day
  • Ethics and values in a business environment
  • The importance of taking care of yourself
  • How to dress for success
  • Creating a positive first impression

This course is designed to prepare adults for the workforce.

The Work Readiness Course is an interactive, assessment-based short course that, once completed, will equip adults with the skills to be ‘work ready’.

Congratulations to the learners on completing their course.


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