Invest in Your Business & Upskill Your Employees

Keybase empowers people by teaching the skills needed for tomorrow’s world.

For companies to stay competitive in a difficult economy, your employees need to have the latest skills and know-how to keep up with the accelerated pace that customer’s needs are evolving at.

Invest in your business and upskill your employees with Keybase training courses.

Our wide range of training solutions are designed to maximize the growth of all individuals. Our methodology is fresh, our courses are all unit standard aligned, and most importantly, results are guaranteed.


The standard courses are modular based, and run for one, two or three days, depending on the course, and the level of skill which the learner wishes to attain.

Modular courses are SETA accredited and in line with the applicable NQF levels.

Group-book 6 or more courses, and receive a 10% discount.


For our corporate clients, our blended classroom and online bulk training offers:

  • Pre-training assessment of customization required.
  • Method of transfer of skill – online only or
    blended online and facilitator contact day.
  • Post Assessment reports.


In order to succeed in the modern office environment, it’s essential to have at least a basic understanding of a range of Microsoft products.

Keybase Training Solutions facilitates this need by providing a range of Microsoft training courses, from basic and intermediate levels to advanced levels. Bridging workshops are also available for most software courses, allowing learners to quickly fill in knowledge gaps in preparation for more advanced courses.

Take a look at our upcoming training courses and reserve your seat now:



Keybase Training Solutions provides a variety of course options designed to suit the different needs of our clients. A certificate of accomplishment is awarded on the completion of each course.

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